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In the season 4 finale, Lucifer Rising, the title held true to the episode. We found out what some or maybe most thought all along that Ruby really was evil. All of season 4 Ruby fed Sam her blood to make his abilities stronger. Sam and Dean tried to prevent the sixty-six seals from being broken. Sam took off with Ruby to find Lilith. Sam thinks that by killing her he would stop the apocalypse but Ruby knew otherwise. Castile helps Dean get to Sam to try to stop him from killing Lilith. But Dean is too late and Sam kills Lilith and her blood brings forth Lucifer.

Season 5, which is supposed to be the finale season if Eric Kripke has his way, starts where the season 4 finale left off.  They are still at the convent and Lucifer is rising. They try to escape but can’t. There is a bright light and then Sam and Dean are on an airplane. The pilot comes on to say they are almost there when a bright light shoots from the ground and they look to be crashing. Then we see Dean and Sam in a car and every station on the radio has bad news.

They go to look for Castile and they go to the writer, Chuck’s, house since that is where he last was. They find blood everywhere but they find Chuck still alive. He says that Castile is dead that the Zachariah and the other ark angels disintegrated him.

The angel shows up for Dean saying it is his time now to kill the devil. Dean, of course, is fighting it. But, the angel says that now is the time before Lucifer finds his vessel. Dean used a spell that he learned from Castile to get rid of him.

Dean and Sam are in the hotel room packing up. Sam gives him a hex bad that he made that he learned from Ruby. Sam starts to tell Dean how he knows that he can’t do anything to make this right, he knows that. 

It then goes to Pine Creek, Delaware to a man walking down the street. He is heading home and things start go weird around him till it builds up with the wind and a gate opening and shutting over and over and it blocks. Then the man wakes up in what he believes is a bloody bed but when he turns on the light there is nothing there. He tries to go back to bed and rolls over to see a woman with blood splatters on her face telling him that he is the chosen one.

We then see a girl trying to write stories like Chuck about Sam and Dean. He comes through on the web to talk to her saying he needs her help. He wants her to get a message to Sam and Dean. Chuck had a vision that the sword of Michael is on earth and forty two dogs.

We then see Bobby show up. Bobby tells them that Michael was powerful and that if they could find the sword then they should be able to defeat the devil. Sam tells Bobby that it was his fault that the seal was broken and that Lucifer is here. Bobby had no idea and tells Sam that if they some how full this off that he was to lose his phone number. Sam takes some of the books and goes somewhere else to read.

Bobby tells Dean that maybe John was right. That maybe they did have to kill Sam to keep everyone safe. That reminds Dean of something of his father. He pulls out a card that says ‘Castle on a hill with forty two dogs’. He says it has to be where they will find the sword. Bobby says it sounds right and he then punches Dean through a wall and his eyes go black.

We come back form commercial to see Bobby still going after Dean and then a girl and a guy show up. They girl turns out to be Meg from a while back. Meg gives Bobby a knife to kill Dean. He gets Dean against the wall and his eyes change back to normal and Bobby stabs himself to kill the demon. Sam shows up to help in the fight and Meg leaves the girl she had possessed.

It goes back to the guy in Delaware and he is looking through some baby things. He digs out a baby monitor because he can hear a baby crying through it but when he goes upstairs to the baby room there is no baby. He starts to see blood pour over the sides of the crib but really all that is there is a blue blanket on the crib.

Sam and Dean get Bobby to the hospital and then they go to Castle Storage to see what their father has their. When they open it up they find three bodies and some angels. The angel shows them were the sword was. He says that Dean is the Michael sword. That he is Michael’s weapon, he’s Michael’s vessel. The angel breaks Sam leg to show that he is not playing around.

The angel tells Dean that Michael is the one to defeat Satan. If he says no that he will hurt Bobby further or give him stage 4 stomach cancer it then moves to Sam having no lungs. Castile shows up and kills the angels that showed up with Zachariah. Castile says he knows it wasn’t angels that saved him or Sam and Dean. He tells Zachariah to put the boys back together and leave. Castile carved in their ribs a way to hide them from the angels. Sam and Dean ask how he’s back if he had died and then he disappears.

It goes back to the man in Delaware and he sees the woman from before and she tells him that she is an angel named Lucifer. He says to remind him to quick drinking. She says that she needs to take control of his mind and body because he has been chosen to be a vessel. She has to convince him that he isn’t asleep and to invite him in. She tells him that God doesn’t care since he let someone come into his house and kill his wife and child. She tells him that she can give him justice. He thinks about the blood and the baby items and then invites him in.

Sam and Dean are with Bobby in the hospital.   Dean says that this war isn’t the angels it is theirs. They will find a way to win. Bobby tells Sam before he leaves that what he had told him before was the demon talking, that he ain’t cutting him out of his life. Once outside Dean says that what he said inside was for Bobby’s benefit. He knows they will fight but he can’t guarantee anything. He also tells Sam that things won’t be the same again. That he tried to help him but he chose a demon over him. Dean tells Sam that he is having a hard time forgiving and forgetting and that there really isn’t anything Sam can do about it. Dean tells Sam that he can’t trust him now.

The long awaited, in my opinion at least, premiere of The Vampire Diaries finally aired.  The show stars Nina Dobrev (Elena), Paul Wesley (Stefan), and Ian Somerhalder (Damon).

The Pilot opens with rolling fog and Stefan explaining that he is a vampire as a couple comes driving through the fog.  The fog becomes thick and they don't see someone standing in thr road and hit them.  The girl stays in the car to try calling for help while the man goes to check on the person that he hit.    The guy bends over the one on the road and we see a hand with a ring and the one on the road jumps up and bits and kills the man.  The girl unable to get a signal gets out of the car and finds them both gone till his body falls to the hood of the car.

Elena is seen in her window seal writing in her diary.  She is basically giving herself a pep talk that she can make it through the day.  She will be happy and make it.  She goes downstairs to see her Aunt Jenna (Sara Cunning and her brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) before leaving with Bonnie (Katerina Graham) to go to school.

Bonnie proceeds to tell her how she found out that she is psychic.  She believes that she has predicted a lot of different things.  Suddenly a crow slams into the windshield and they almost wreck.  Bonnie apologizes several times and Elena tells her that she can't be freaked by cars forever.

Once they are at school Caroline (Candice Accola) comes over to check on Elena.  She was a little over the top and that is how Elena felt about it when Caroline walked off.  Bonnie and Elena walk by the office and see Stefan from behind but Elena doesn't stick around to see him from the front.  She sees her brother go into the bathroom and she follows him.  She finds that he is high and she says she won't put up with it anymore.  When she leaves the bathroom she runs into Stefan.

Elena after school goes to the cemetry to write in her diary and she sits close to her parents gravesite.  The fog starts rolling in and the crow shows back up.  She gets freaked and starts running thinking someone is following her.  She falls and then Stefan shows up and we see that he has the same ring of the one from the beginning of the episode.

We next see Stefan in his room talking about how he almost slipped when he was with Elena because she had gotten hurt. Then we see Vicki (Kayla Ewell) in The Grill working as a waitress. Jeremy is trying to talk to her and she is trying to ignore him. It turns out that they had hooked up a few times when they were on drugs.

Matt (Zach Roerig) asks Bonnie about Elena because he felt weird calling her since she had broken up with him. Elena was leaving her house and Stefan shows up with her journal that she dropped at the cemetery. She is surprised that he didn’t read it but he tells her that he understands that memories or private and secrete. They then go together to the Grill. All heads turn when they walk in together. Matt walks up to introduce himself to Stefan and Matt and Elena have an awkward moment.

Stefan sits with Elena, Bonnie and Caroline and they ask him questions about pasts. Stefan and Elena connect when he says that his parents passed away. She asks him if he has any siblings and he tells her none that he talks to. Caroline then invites him to the party the next day but he asks Elena if she is going.

Mr. Tanner held true to how he was in the book by being mean to everyone and degrading them.  Stefan did the gentlemanly thing and stood his ground setting Mr. Tanner straight on the facts.

Stefan shows up to the bonfire and uses his powers to find were Elena is and he finds her talking with Bonnie but before he can get to her Caroline shows up. Bonnie has her first real experience being psychic. Elena was playing around giving her a beer bottle to be her ‘crystal ball’ but her eyes went dead while she saw something. She says she saw a crow and a man. Then she snaps out of it and says it was nothing and goes to get another drink.

Stefan shows up after Bonnie leaves and they go for a walk and you also see Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Vicki go off too.  Stefan and Elena walk to a bridge and she tells him that her parents died in a crash and somehow she made it. He tells her that she won’t always be sad.

Jeremy comes up to find Tyler getting too close for Vicki’s comfort and tries to help. Tyler walks off and Vicki basically says she isn’t falling for what Jeremy is doing when he is just trying help and be there for her. She walks off into the woods alone to get away from him.

Elena and Stefan talk about how she had been dating Matt but it wasn’t passionate. His eyes start to change and he says he is going to go get them something to drink. We then see Vicki again in the woods and she thinks someone is there. She thinks at first that it is Jeremy and then someone else shows up and it cuts out with her scream.

After the commercial Matt shows up to talk with Elena. He talks about how she is acting different than what she had said when she broke up with him and that he still believed in them.

Caroline finds Stefan again and his eyes are back to normal. She tries to get him to go off with her and he tells her that it isn’t going to happen. Elena goes after Jeremy and they find Vicki with a bite on her neck. Jeremy carries her back to get help. Matt looks up after they have all gathered around Vicki looking at Stefan and to see him sneaking away. Stefan goes home and finds his brother Damon. He had been the one to control the crow and attack the couple in the beginning of the episode and Vicki.

It’s been fifteen years since Stefan and Damon had seen each other. Stefan wants to know why Damon is there and he says it is the same reason that he is, Elena.

Bonnie tells Elena that she can feel that what happened to Vicki is only the beginning.

Damon starts badgering Stefan about Elena’s comparison to Katherine. He tells him to think of how her blood would taste. Stefan gets made and he attacks Damon and they go out the window. Stefan tells him he should leave and Damon sees that as an invitation to stay, especially since he had promised him an eternity of misery.

Elena tries checking on Jeremy but he is drinking and doesn’t want to have it. She tells him that he has to move on and he throws her diary back in face of her not moving on.

Caroline and Bonnie are at the Grill. Bonnie is trying to get Caroline sober so she can get her home. Caroline tries to figure out why Stefan didn’t go got her and Bonnie tells her that it isn’t a competition and after a second Caroline says it is.

Matt is with Vicki in the hospital. She comes to and tries to talk and he tries to tell her not too. She is able to get one word out, vampire.

Elena is writing in her diary again saying how she was wrong. She couldn’t put a happy face on. Damon says he was wrong too. He could start a new life with someone. Elena says everything follows you. She says you have to try and find the good and let it in. She then sees Stefan outside. He wanted to see if she was okay. Elena says to ask her tomorrow and invites him in. Then we see Damon and Caroline first see each other at the Grill.

Despite the character differences I look forward to seeing what the season holds.
How are you financially planning for your future?
I've tried planning for the future but it doesn't work.  Right now I just have to try to make it day by day.

The Awakening part 1

I decided I would do a picture with each of the blogs or at least The Vampire Diaries series of the different book covers.  Right now they will be different covers from around the world of The Awakening.  This one is from Brazil.

The Awakening starts with Elena writing in her diary.  I have tried keeping a diary but I couldn't keep it up.  I wish I could but I would do a couple of days and then skip a couple and I would either try to do some more or I would be done. 

Anyway...there are a couple of things that Elena wrote that I really liked.

First, "Home.  I'm home.  Why does that sound like a lie?"

Elena had just talked about how she had been heading home from the airport and even though she knew she was wrong she still expected too see her parents.  So, it made actually being home and hearing her Aunt say they are home feel like a lie.  I've been in those situations where being in that moment, around those people just didn't feel right but you knew you had to be there, with those people.  You had to go through the motions.

Second, "But right now everything looks strange to me, as if I don't belong here.  It's me that's out of place.  And the worst thing is that I feel there's somewhere I do belong, but I just can't find it."

I think that a lot of girls, well not just girls, deal with feeling like there is something else out there.  Something out there for them to do, some place they fit into, people they belong with.  It just takes some a longer time than others to find it.  So, I like this quote because it is relatable.

Next we move to Elena getting ready for school and going downstairs to say goodbye to her Aunt Judith and little sister Margaret.  I know this was originally written in the early nineties so I am trying to think back to then because there are times with L.J. Smith's writing that I wonder if she knew how teenagers talked.  I mean Elena is trying to leave and she tells her Aunt that she will "probably go home with Bonnie or Meredith after school, so don't wait dinner."  For me it is the last part about waiting dinner that I'm trying to figure out.  Is that really how they said it then?  I know, I know it is something really small but this is just my thoughts about what I'm reading.  I just think it is important for a writer to know who they are writing in the time that they are writing so they will know how they usually talk.

Elena leaves to start her walk to school.  She sees the crow that is watching her and she runs it off.  The crow then shows up in the trees were Stefan is.  The second paragraph were Stefan is introduced lets you in on him: "His eyes dropped to the limp white form in his hands, and he felt his face twist in regret.  He hadn't meant to kill it.  He would have hunted something larger than a rabbitt if he'd known how hungry he was.  But, of course, that was the very thing that frightened him: never knowing how strong the hunger would be, or what he might have to do to satisfy it.  He was lucky that this time he'd killed only a rabbit."  Right off you know that Stefan is different.  If you didn't know coming into it that he was a vampire you would wonder exactly what he was.

I also liked the paragraph that said: "But he was tired of living in the shadows.  He was tired of the darkness, and of the things that lived in it.  Most of all, he was tired of being alone."  You know that his past has been troubled.  Something has happened that he is trying to find a way out of.  He wants it to change but he doesn't know if it will.

He then lays the rabbit down for a fox nearby.  He heads to his car and sees the crow that had been in the tree by the rabbit.  He knows like Elena did that something was up with the crow.

Both Elena and Stefan has pasts that they are trying to deal with.  Pasts that they try to hide from others, put on a mask for the world around them.

Writer's Block: Splurging for My Future

What's something you would splurge on this year to improve your future?
I would splurge on books and software that would help me learn how to outline a story.  That way I could actually get a story done.  I have several stories that I have bites and pieces for but I haven't learned how to connect them and develop my characters.  So, any books and software that would help with that I would get if I could.

Writer's Block: Scorching day

On a scorching day, do you prefer the beach or an air-conditioned movie theater?
I would definitly choose a movie theater.  Crossing my fingers that the movie would turnout being a good one and then have some popcorn a drink and some air-conditioning.  Sounds like a good way to spend a couple of hours.

Writer's Block: Three-day weekend

Do you prefer to spend a three-day weekend chilling at home or hitting the road?
If I have the money then I would want to hit the road.  It would be nice to get to just drive and see what happens for a few days.  When I don't have the money, which is usually the case, then staying home kind of closing myself off from everything is nice too.  Staying home I can try to forget about everyone else and MAYBE catch up on stuff at home.

The Vampire Diaries (Book)

I decided to go ahead and start with The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith.  The series is coming to the small screen on September 10, 2009 to the CW.

I've read through the original four a couple of months ago but I figured with the show coming it would be good to read again.  So, I'm going to blog along the way with my thoughts of what I read and what happened.

I came across The Vampire Diaries series after I had read The Twilight Saga.  I was interested in some more books that went with the vampire theme/genre, however you want to look at it.  All the reviews that I had read said that The Vampire Diaries were way better than The Twilight Saga.  So, I was intrigued.  Unfortunately in my first read through while I really liked the series I didn't think it was better.

Personally for me there were more times through The Twilight Saga that I got emotionally invested.  There were a few times in The Vampire Diaries series tha tI really got into and I'll talk about those along the way.

The first in the series is The Awakening.  I'm reading from The Awakening and The Struggle combo.

On the back it describes Elena as "the golden girl, the leader, the one who can have any boy she wants."  Right away I knew she would be different from Bella.  Bella wasn't really the leader but she was a fighter when it came down to it.

It describes Stefan as "brooding and mysterious, he seems to be the only one who can resist Elena, even as he struggles to protect her from the horrors that haunt his past"  Then Damon as "sexy, dangerous, and driven by an urge for revenge against Stefan, the brother who betrayed him.  Determined to have Elena, he'd kill to possess her."

Just by reading those make me agree with the line above it all 'A Deadly Love Triangle.'  You have the girl that is caught inbetween two guys.  Each of which possess something that probably most every girl wants, or feels they want, at some point.

Stefan is mysterious so you want to get close to him and find the answers to the mysteries.  Damon is dangerous and most girls want to take a ride on the dangerous side to see what it would be like.

I don't know how long each blog will be or how long it will take to get through each book.  I'm going to just write as I read and when it looks long enough for a blog I'll stop and post.  In the next blog I'll start The Awakening.

I look forward to remembering the characters and their quirks.  I also look forward to remembering the lines some of the characters say.  So...let the reading begin.

Read along blog idea

I'mthinking about reading through my books and blogging about them as I go.  Now I just have to decide where to start.

Here's the books I have to choose from: (what I list is what I have of that series)

The Boo Series by Rene Gutteridge
Boo Who
Boo Hiss

The Circle Series by Ted Dekker

The Lost Books by Ted Dekker

The Cape Refuge Series by Terri Blackstock (complete series)
Cape Refuge
Southern Storm
River's Edge
Breaker's Reef

Dreamhouse Kings Series by Robert Liparulo
House of Dark Shadows
Watcher in the Woods

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer (complete series)
New Moon
Breaking Dawn

Blue Blood Series by Melissa de la Cruz
Blue Blood

Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead
Vampire Academy
Shadow Kiss

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith (complete series)
The Awakening
The Struggle
The Fury
Dark Reunion

The Vampire Diaries: The Return by L.J. Smith

Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever
Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports
Maximum Ride: The Final Warning
Max: A Maximum Ride Novel

What do you think I should start with?  I'm kind of leaning towards The Vampire Diaries since the show is starting soon.  But I do want to go through all these though at some point

Writer's Block: Worrisome

What is your biggest worry right now?
Right now I am trying to find a job.  It has been about two years since I had to find one so I forgot that it was kind of hard.  Especially with the economy the way that it is a lot are getting laid off as it is.  So, right now I am worried about when the money that I have runs out what I am going to do.  Unfortunately I don't have too much longer before that happens. 



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