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The second season of Fringe started with a bang.  It opens up with a car crash in New York.  You see a man from one of the cars get out and stagger away from the scene.  He gets his way into an apartment building and then comes across a man in the hall.  The man from the crash kills the man in the hall and drags him inside.  We then find that he is a shape shifter because he sticks a three pronged device in the both of their mouths and he changes.

There is a new FBI agent, Amy Jessup that comes on to the scene of the car crash.  Once she finds that the car that one of the cars that were involved in the accident is Olivia’s the strange ride that is the Fringe division starts for her.  She tries to get Peter to explain at the accident what exactly he and his father do but Peter knows that at that moment she doesn’t have the clearance to know.  She finds a way to get into the system at the FBI to see the cases the Fringe division has worked.  I think that by doing this it makes her more willing to help Peter and Walter to find the shape shifter.  At the end of the episode you see her back at the computer looking at the case files again but this time she is putting Bible verses with the cases.

I look forward to seeing how she will get more involved with the others.  There was a moment though that Peter had first taken Amy to the lab and Walter is showing them the three puncture marks in the corpse’s mouth that Peter had this look.  I’m hoping that this look doesn’t mean that something romantically will be happening between them.  Last season you were starting to be lead to believe that something could happen between Peter and Olivia and I do wish that that gets more explanation.

We first see Peter and Walter at a grocery store.  Walter is determined to make something for Peter’s birthday despite Peter saying he doesn’t want anything.  Peter gets a call about the accident.  Walter goes for Olivia’s SUV.  After being in it for a couple of seconds he gets out and backs away from it like he knows that something is about to happen.  The car alarm is going off and a second later Olivia busts through the windshield landing on the ground a few feet away from Peter and Agent Jessup.

Once they get to the hospital they believe that Olivia has too much brain damage and won’t regain consciousness.  Walter goes in to see if they are right because he doesn’t want to believe that Olivia is gone.  We find later that Olivia has a living will that she doesn’t want to be resuscitated if it came to that.  Peter goes in to tell her goodbye but Olivia’s eyes open and she speaks in Greek.  She then tells Peter that she can’t remember what happened to her but that she knew there was something she had to do because lives depended on it.

During the time that Olivia is believed to be dead Agent Broyles finds that those above him want to shut his division down.  Peter tells him they weren’t doing anything anyway.  He says they always got there after the fact and never in time to make a difference.

Agent Broyles has a really great speech when he was trying to prove to those that wanted to shut them down that they were an asset.  He says: “Yes Senator I have a job, the same job I have had in three administrations and six wars to defend our national security and I assure you we are not secure yes sometimes a threat is familiar but I have come to learn that sometimes it is far worse and when it is worse when the threat is unimaginable that is when we are at the door.  And you should thank God for that.”  At the end it was one of those moments were you want to start cheering for him.

The shape shifter shows up at what looks like a typewriter shop.  He asks for a brand that wasn’t made but he knows is there.  The man gives him the key and tells him where to go and tells him to tell them that he isn’t waiting around forever.  The man opens the door to a room with a single light a desk, a mirror, paper and a typewriter.  He types:  Mission Accomplished, Target Terminated, In Fatal Car Crash, Meeting Prevented, Request Extraction.  He then looks into the mirror as it responds to him: Negative, Mission Failed, Meeting Occurred, Target Still Alive, Request New Order, Interrogate Target, Then Kill Her

Charlie shows up at the hospital to check on Olivia and he knows that she is lying when she says that she is okay.  He tells her about a time with the Brooklyn PD.  They went for a domestic dispute and how his partner died.  He admits that after that he was afraid.  She admits that she doesn’t know what happened to her and it makes her scared.  She is so scared that she can’t load her gun because her hands keep shaking.

Walter was Walter funny and smart.  He shows up to the see corpse he checks the levity and feels between the man’s legs to see how much he, in simple terms, wet himself.  Walter gets so excited when he finds that he can ride in the van with the corpse.  Then he looks a little disappointed when Peter tells him to stay away from the drugs.

Once they have the body back at Walter’s lab he eats licorice while doing the autopsy and also tells Astrid what to do to make Peter’s custard.  Find the three puncture marks in the man’s mouth reminds Walter of a video from a long time ago of a girl that they had been trying to tap into her fifth, sixth and seventh shockras.  The girl talks about a soldier from another universe that can hide by changing forms.

When Agent Jessup thinks about the soldier part she tells Peter that it reminds her of her father that was a soldier and that he would always stay on mission until it was done.  Peter immediately thinks of Olivia so they go to the hospital to make sure that she is okay.

The shape shifter kills the only nurse that was allowed into Olivia’s room and takes her form to get into see Olivia.  She tells Olivia to keep trying to remember.  Olivia feels like she went somewhere to talk to someone and then came back to the accident.  Who she saw told her something that something is hidden but she can’t remember where.  The nurse then tries to strangle her.  Amy shots her but she takes off through the window.

Charlie, Peter and Amy go down to the basement to try and find the nurse.  Amy and Peter catch up to each other.  Charlie finds the nurse in the broiler room.  When Peter and Amy find Charlie the nurse is dead.

Peter goes back to the hospital to give Olivia some flowers.  Peter assures her that no matter what happened or where she went Walter would figure it out.  What Olivia had said at the beginning was in Greek and it meant be a better man than your father.  To take care of the people you care about and keep them close.

Peter goes to Washington to see Broyles and shows him the tech from the shape shifter and says that if they can fix it then they have an army to look like anyone that they want.  Peter says they are in charge now; they aren’t going to be shut down.  That they are down reacting, they aren’t going to be too late anymore.

When Peter gets back Walter and Astrid and gene surprise him with his custard.  Then we find that Charlie is no longer Charlie.  The real Charlie is dead and the one still around is the shape shifter.

The end was somewhat of a surprise with Charlie.  I knew going into this season that he probably wasn’t going to be around all season.  I think it is an interesting twist and I look forward to see how this plays out and how he will try to influence things and get close to Olivia to figure out what she knows.

I’m ready for the new season to see what crazy things each week will bring.