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Come help in the fight against childhood cancer.  Alex was about 7 and had been dealing with going in and out of the hospital for years and she decideds to hold a lemonade stand to help others also dealing with cancer.  The organization has grown since Alex started it and will continue to do so.


In the first season finale Castle starts looking into Beckett’s mother’s murder even though Beckett didn’t want him too.  In the second season premiere ‘Deep in Death’ we see the aftermath of him doing this.

Castle found that there were three other murders right around the time of Beckett’s mother’s murder and they died the same way too.  Castle also found that the three other murders were people that knew Beckett’s mother.

The murder in this episode is a man that they find in a tree that shows signs of strangulation.  Then on the way to the morgue the vehicle gets forced to stop and three people take the body at gun point.  When they find the body again all of his organs had been taken out.  They also discover that he had been lying to his wife about working so much.  He had been laid off six months prior.  When they get the body back to the morgue they find in the body cavity traces of cocaine. 

They figure out that the murder victim became a drug mule when he started owing a lot of money and it was supposed to be an easy way to get the money he needed.  The murder victim had been playing poker and owed the money to a Russian with tattoos.  Castle talks to his writer’s buddies because he figures because of some of the stories they had written that they would know where the game is in Chinatown.  They get it set up so Castle can go in with a button cam to get a picture of the Russian so they can ID him.  But once he gets in he finds that there are more tattooed Russians than he thought there would be.

Castle sits down at a no limit table and after a while they figure out which one is the murderer.  Beckett says she is going to go in to get Castle because they knew that if they figure out that Castle knows that one of them is the killer then they will kill him.  I like the line that Esposito says after she asks for her purse: “What?  Are you going to lip gloss them to death?”  and she says “Yeah, something like that.”  After getting out of the van she changes her appearance a little and starts using a Russian accent. 

Once they get back to the station Castle tries to talk to Beckett again about her mother’s case.  He says that she is scared and that’s why she doesn’t want to look into it, that she doesn’t want to lose herself again in the case.  He says that he won’t let that happen because they can do it together.  Beckett tries to tell him; what if she didn’t want to know, because she didn’t want to have to find whoever did it just to see him plead a deal that would get him back on the streets in ten years, the thought of that makes her nauseas.

Castle goes home to write and his daughter comes in and talks about a movie she was supposed to see with a guy.  She starts talking about how he said that he lost track of time and she was making it into a bigger deal than it really is.  It gets Castle to thinking about his situation with Beckett especially when his daughter asks him why boys have to justify everything and why can’t they just say they are sorry.

Castle goes back to the police station and I really liked his apology: “I’m sorry, what I did was wrong.  I violated your trust.  I opened old wounds and I did not respect your wishes and if we’re not going to see each other again then you deserve to know…I’m very, very sorry.”  He turns to leave and it takes Beckett a moment to pull it together but then she tells him that she will see him tomorrow.

Castle and Beckett have really good chemistry together and I look forward to seeing how it plays out this season.

Dan - Never believe that you can deceive.  You might think that you can get away with it.  You might actually get away with it, for a while.  But, your life is made up of choices and decisions, poor choices, poor life, bad decisions, bad life.    Wickedness, as you know I’ve there and I’m not alone my wife was too.  She was deceptive and manipulative.  She abused drink and drugs.  She was promiscuous.  But today she stands beside me a changed woman, a caring woman, a better woman.

I couldn’t believe it when Dan finished this and of all people Rachel comes out.  Remember Rachel is the same age as Nathan, Brooke, Hayley and all them.  It is crazy that they are married and you can tell that Rachel has got to have a hidden agenda.  Dan looks like he has changed (although he has done that before and it was a lie) and I can’t tell if it is for the best or not.

Rachel looks like she may have a hidden agenda.  She only said I Love you to Dan when they were on his show.  Dan went to talk to a homeless person and she took a picture of it and she spread it around on the internet.  Dan gives the homeless man his book and tells him that he could go down the street and sell it at the used bookstore and buy a bottle to feel good for a little while or he could read the book.  Later Dan goes back to see him and he brings some food to talk to him and the man says he read the book but then he sold it.

Hayley tries to come up with a way to save Red Bedrooms label.  She tries to tell Melinda that if they shut it down that they won’t get any music out of her.  Melinda counters that since they have a contract then if she doesn’t play for them then she won’t record ever.  Hayley’s backup walks in then and Mia says that her contract is with Red Bedroom records so if it gets shut down then she won’t record anymore.  This threat works and Melinda comes back saying it will stay open.

Clay meets with Renee (the one that says something happened between her and Nathan) and she has an envelope that she says holds proof of what happened.  Come to find out it is a sonogram and Renee is three months pregnant and she says that it is Nathan’s.  Nathan says it can’t be true but then they remember an away game win that everyone got really drunk afterward.  Nathan starts to think it could be a possibility.

Julian’s dad shows up to talk him out of not taking the movie job.  He tries to tell him that Brooke is just having a fling and that their relationship isn’t going to lead to marriage so what was the point.  Julian gets him to leave.  Brooke later gets him to come back after hearing Julian’s story of the one day when he was little that his father spent with him.  Brooke tells Julian’s dad that she would do what Julian did with her mom in telling him that he either gets it right or get out of their lives but she doesn’t think it would do any good.  So she tells him that Julian told her about the one perfect day and that they had better start having more.  Later Julian’s dad tells him that he doesn’t remember the day and that’s he’s sorry he doesn’t remember it and that they haven’t had more days like it.

We also meet the final newest cast member, Alexis (played by Jana Kramer).  Alexis is a model and an actress that comes in to be the new face of Clothes over Bros.  Millie and Brooke find out that she is nothing how she portrays herself in public and in magazines.  She is rude and mean and doesn’t seem very smart.  But she comes out in one of Brooke’s dresses and gives a speech that we find out at the end of the episode is from a movie she was in.  From this Brooke decides to go ahead and let her stay on as the new model.

It got a little more interesting this time but I hope that the show picks up some more steam as the season goes on.  It has officially been picked up for a full season but it is too early to tell if there will be an eighth season. 

Be sure to check out my other recaps for the other shows I watch.  So far I have Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, and One Tree Hill.  But some more are soon to start again so they will be here too.


The second season of Fringe started with a bang.  It opens up with a car crash in New York.  You see a man from one of the cars get out and stagger away from the scene.  He gets his way into an apartment building and then comes across a man in the hall.  The man from the crash kills the man in the hall and drags him inside.  We then find that he is a shape shifter because he sticks a three pronged device in the both of their mouths and he changes.

There is a new FBI agent, Amy Jessup that comes on to the scene of the car crash.  Once she finds that the car that one of the cars that were involved in the accident is Olivia’s the strange ride that is the Fringe division starts for her.  She tries to get Peter to explain at the accident what exactly he and his father do but Peter knows that at that moment she doesn’t have the clearance to know.  She finds a way to get into the system at the FBI to see the cases the Fringe division has worked.  I think that by doing this it makes her more willing to help Peter and Walter to find the shape shifter.  At the end of the episode you see her back at the computer looking at the case files again but this time she is putting Bible verses with the cases.

I look forward to seeing how she will get more involved with the others.  There was a moment though that Peter had first taken Amy to the lab and Walter is showing them the three puncture marks in the corpse’s mouth that Peter had this look.  I’m hoping that this look doesn’t mean that something romantically will be happening between them.  Last season you were starting to be lead to believe that something could happen between Peter and Olivia and I do wish that that gets more explanation.

We first see Peter and Walter at a grocery store.  Walter is determined to make something for Peter’s birthday despite Peter saying he doesn’t want anything.  Peter gets a call about the accident.  Walter goes for Olivia’s SUV.  After being in it for a couple of seconds he gets out and backs away from it like he knows that something is about to happen.  The car alarm is going off and a second later Olivia busts through the windshield landing on the ground a few feet away from Peter and Agent Jessup.

Once they get to the hospital they believe that Olivia has too much brain damage and won’t regain consciousness.  Walter goes in to see if they are right because he doesn’t want to believe that Olivia is gone.  We find later that Olivia has a living will that she doesn’t want to be resuscitated if it came to that.  Peter goes in to tell her goodbye but Olivia’s eyes open and she speaks in Greek.  She then tells Peter that she can’t remember what happened to her but that she knew there was something she had to do because lives depended on it.

During the time that Olivia is believed to be dead Agent Broyles finds that those above him want to shut his division down.  Peter tells him they weren’t doing anything anyway.  He says they always got there after the fact and never in time to make a difference.

Agent Broyles has a really great speech when he was trying to prove to those that wanted to shut them down that they were an asset.  He says: “Yes Senator I have a job, the same job I have had in three administrations and six wars to defend our national security and I assure you we are not secure yes sometimes a threat is familiar but I have come to learn that sometimes it is far worse and when it is worse when the threat is unimaginable that is when we are at the door.  And you should thank God for that.”  At the end it was one of those moments were you want to start cheering for him.

The shape shifter shows up at what looks like a typewriter shop.  He asks for a brand that wasn’t made but he knows is there.  The man gives him the key and tells him where to go and tells him to tell them that he isn’t waiting around forever.  The man opens the door to a room with a single light a desk, a mirror, paper and a typewriter.  He types:  Mission Accomplished, Target Terminated, In Fatal Car Crash, Meeting Prevented, Request Extraction.  He then looks into the mirror as it responds to him: Negative, Mission Failed, Meeting Occurred, Target Still Alive, Request New Order, Interrogate Target, Then Kill Her

Charlie shows up at the hospital to check on Olivia and he knows that she is lying when she says that she is okay.  He tells her about a time with the Brooklyn PD.  They went for a domestic dispute and how his partner died.  He admits that after that he was afraid.  She admits that she doesn’t know what happened to her and it makes her scared.  She is so scared that she can’t load her gun because her hands keep shaking.

Walter was Walter funny and smart.  He shows up to the see corpse he checks the levity and feels between the man’s legs to see how much he, in simple terms, wet himself.  Walter gets so excited when he finds that he can ride in the van with the corpse.  Then he looks a little disappointed when Peter tells him to stay away from the drugs.

Once they have the body back at Walter’s lab he eats licorice while doing the autopsy and also tells Astrid what to do to make Peter’s custard.  Find the three puncture marks in the man’s mouth reminds Walter of a video from a long time ago of a girl that they had been trying to tap into her fifth, sixth and seventh shockras.  The girl talks about a soldier from another universe that can hide by changing forms.

When Agent Jessup thinks about the soldier part she tells Peter that it reminds her of her father that was a soldier and that he would always stay on mission until it was done.  Peter immediately thinks of Olivia so they go to the hospital to make sure that she is okay.

The shape shifter kills the only nurse that was allowed into Olivia’s room and takes her form to get into see Olivia.  She tells Olivia to keep trying to remember.  Olivia feels like she went somewhere to talk to someone and then came back to the accident.  Who she saw told her something that something is hidden but she can’t remember where.  The nurse then tries to strangle her.  Amy shots her but she takes off through the window.

Charlie, Peter and Amy go down to the basement to try and find the nurse.  Amy and Peter catch up to each other.  Charlie finds the nurse in the broiler room.  When Peter and Amy find Charlie the nurse is dead.

Peter goes back to the hospital to give Olivia some flowers.  Peter assures her that no matter what happened or where she went Walter would figure it out.  What Olivia had said at the beginning was in Greek and it meant be a better man than your father.  To take care of the people you care about and keep them close.

Peter goes to Washington to see Broyles and shows him the tech from the shape shifter and says that if they can fix it then they have an army to look like anyone that they want.  Peter says they are in charge now; they aren’t going to be shut down.  That they are down reacting, they aren’t going to be too late anymore.

When Peter gets back Walter and Astrid and gene surprise him with his custard.  Then we find that Charlie is no longer Charlie.  The real Charlie is dead and the one still around is the shape shifter.

The end was somewhat of a surprise with Charlie.  I knew going into this season that he probably wasn’t going to be around all season.  I think it is an interesting twist and I look forward to see how this plays out and how he will try to influence things and get close to Olivia to figure out what she knows.

I’m ready for the new season to see what crazy things each week will bring.

If a magic genie told you your calories wouldn't count for 24 hours, would it change what and how much you ate that day?
Of course it would change what I ate.  Although I would also wonder, while I was eating, if the gene was telling me the truth.  I would eat every sweet that I could and all the ice cream that I TRY to eat in moderation as it is.  I would scarf down pizza, and fast food. 


It is only the second episode and already I am on edge needing my fix for the next week.  One of the things that I am really enjoying The Vampire Diaries is because the way they film it makes it seem like I am watching a season long horror show that is just progressing and pulling me in deeper each week.

With this episode the big thing was that there was a comet to watch.  The episode starts out like the Pilot with rolling fog, which is one of the reasons that make me feel like I’m watching a horror movie or show in this case, and again there is a couple.  The guy goes to get something for her in the car after she says that she thinks it is going to rain.  A couple of seconds after he walks out she hears a dripping and thinks it is raining.  She walks out of the tent and turns around to see him hanging in a tree.  She runs for the car where the vampire gets her.

Elena - Dear Diary, this morning is different, there is a change, I sense it, feel it.

Stefan - I am awake for the first time in a long time I feel completely and undeniable awake.

Elena - For once I don’t regret the day before it begins

Stefan - I welcome the day

Both - because I know

Stefan - I will see her again

Elena - I will see him again.  For the first time in a long time I feel good.

Their ‘epic’ love story is already starting.  Stefan may know that she looks like Katherine but he does know that there is something different about her.  For Elena Stefan is something different for her, something that could be passionate that Matt wasn’t for her.

You don’t see Bonnie a whole lot in this episode.  She does tell Caroline that her Grandmother told her she was a witch.  Caroline tells her she should conjure up the number of the guy from the Mystic Grill, if you don’t remember she had seen Damon there.  Bonnie asks her why she didn’t just go talk to him Caroline said that she was drunk.

I’m still trying to figure out if I like that they changed Elena from having a younger sister to an only slightly younger brother.  Jeremy has a drug problem and is pretty much hooked ob Vicki.  In the Pilot he was the one who found Vicki in the woods.  This week he kept checking on her to see how she was healing.  Jeremy goes and threatens Tyler that if he hurts Vicki again he would kill him.  Later in the episode Aunt Jenna gets onto him for skipping class but he doesn’t really buy it and blows her off.

Matt and Vicki are siblings, unlike the book, and so he stays with her most of the time while she is at the hospital.  After school he talks to Elena about how Vicki is doing and what attacked her.  Matt asks her about what is going on between her and Stefan.  Elena doesn’t want to talk about it because she doesn’t want to hurt him.  When Matt goes to check on Vicki she starts screaming and flipping out and he runs to get a nurse.  Stefan runs in after he’s left and uses his powers on her to get her to believe that it was an animal that attacked her and that’s all she could remember.

Vicki tells Matt that she feels fine.  Matt talks about how he was worried about her because of the screaming and she had no memory of it.  Matt asks her what attacked her and she says an animal.  Jeremy shows up to check on her and Matt excuse himself.  Vicki says he shouldn’t be here. 

Elena goes to Stefan’s house to talk to him but instead finds Damon.  Damon tells her about Katherine and that he didn’t think Stefan was ever going to get over her.  Stefan shows up and doesn’t look happy to see Elena but really it was that he wasn’t happy to see Damon with Elena.

Vicki wakes up from a bad dream and thinks she sees Damon when she goes into the bathroom.  She goes back out to wake Matt up when Damon shows up again, then Vicki wakes up to an empty hospital room.

Elena and Stefan see each other and The Comet gathering.  He tries to apologize and she says not to worry about.  Things are complicated and she understands that.  She has the complicated things too.  She said they had their night, they talked, it was epic and then the sun rose and reality set in.

Vicki sees Damon and says she recognizes him.  He tells her that is unfortunate.  She goes to the bathroom and he shows up again.  Jeremy starts looking for Vicki after she didn’t show up to see the comet.  Tyler tells everyone that he was her stalker since they had had sex.  Matt gets everyone to help him find Vicki.

Stefan finds her on a roof top with Damon.  Damon gets Vicki to think that it was Stefan who attacked her.  He tells Stefan that if he wants to keep her from telling then he will have to feed on her so he would have enough strength to change her mind.  Stefan refuses and tells him that if they killed him then at least he would be rid of him.  Damon gets Vicki to forget how she got on the roof and she leaves thinking it must have been the drugs.

Caroline leaves The Mystic Grill and fins Damon.  The episode closes seeing them in, what I’m guessing, her bed and he kisses her stomach, pulls back and moments later she screams seeing his eyes change and he opens his mouth going for her throat.  This part confuses me since she doesn’t get bitten in the books.  But, I know I have to separate the book from the show but that is hard to do.  When you have read a series and like it and know it then to see other things happen that you either know didn’t happen at all or happened in a different way you have to deal with it and move on.

Elena goes to Stefan’s house again and gets him to come outside to watch the comet but instead they talk.  I think it’s sweet what they say to each other:

Elena – See the thing is I got home tonight planning on doing what I always do.  Write in my diary, like I have been since my mom gave me one when I was ten.  Its where I get everything out, everything that I’m feeling, it all goes in this little book that I hide on the second shelf behind this really hideous ceramic.  But, then I realized that I would just be writing things that I should probably be telling you.

Stefan – What would you write?

Elena – I would write, Dear Diary, today I convinced myself that it is okay to give up, don’t take risks, stick with the status quo, no drama, now is just not the time.  But, my reasons aren’t reasons, there excuses, all I’m doing is hiding from the truth and the truth is that I’m scared, I’m scared Stefan.  I’m scared that if I let myself be happy for even one moment that the world is going to come crashing down and I don’t know if I can survive that.

Stefan – Do you want to know what I would write? (Elena nods) I met a girl, we talked, it was epic and the sun came up and reality set in.  All this is reality, right here.  (this leads to their first kiss)

To me Elena and Stefan have translated better on screen than it did in the book.  Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed the books but I’m enjoying their relationship better on screen than I did in the book.  You feel their love already growing for each other, the simplicity and complicity all at the same time.  Even Matt’s feelings come across more on screen than they did in the book.  He knows that something is off with Stefan and you can tell that he still has feelings for Elena.

I can’t wait for next week to get here already.  Be sure to check out my entry on the Pilot and other things too.  ;)

Writer's Block: Touch-Screen Pros & Cons

How could touch-screen technology enhance the way you currently use your PC? How could it make things worse?
I think a con would be that you would start getting a build up of fingerprints and grease from your fingers too.  So, as long as there was an easy, convient way to clean it then I think that could be dealt with. 

I think it would be cool to have a touch screen though cause sometimes my mouse buttons don't work properly so as long as the touch part doesn't wear out over time that would be good. 

It would be interesting to see the keyboard for something like that.  Would it be a keyboard or would it be a part of the screen for you to touch and type that way?

Writer's Block: My Dream Job

What is your dream job? Do you think you'll ever have it?
My dream job would be to be able to stay home and write all day.  Now whether or not that will come true...only time will tell.  I can just kept hoping that it will one day.

Writer's Block: On the (Job) Hunt

What's the hardest part about looking for a new job?
Finding one that is available that you will actually want to go to everyday.  Especially right now with the economy it is hard to find one that you would actually want or be willing to do.

The season premiere of One Tree Hill was, well, interesting to say the least. If you have been living under a rock for the last several months and don’t know two of the main characters, being Lucas and Peyton, are not coming back for the 7th Season of One Tree Hill. In the premiere we got to see three of the four new characters that were added this season. Also like Season 5 did Mark Schwahn set up the premiere with another time jump, a year.

One of the new characters is Clayton or Clay played by Robert Buckley. After seeing the premiere I would say that Robert will be fitting in very nicely with the rest of the cast. Clay is Nathan’s sports agent who has become very close to Nathan’s family. We find that Clay, against Nathan’s better judgment, has gotten him to be in a body spray commercial. Clay goes to Jamie’s 7th birthday party and surprises him with a Jerry Rice jersey and Jerry Rice to sign it in person. After the party Clay goes home to an empty apartment and this is where we find that he has a secret. After Clay sleeps with a girl he goes out to the balcony and talks into a recorder reminding him self to set up some meetings and then that on September 14th to send flowers. We don’t find out in the episode what happened on that date so that should be interesting since he looked sad when he said it.

When we first see Hayley she is in the recording studio working on a new song. We then get to see the new Scott residence that is very big and elaborate with a lot of spare bedrooms. She decorates the outside for Jamie’s party and is very happy about the fact that she did it without using any ‘scary’ clowns. During Jamie’s party she shows Quinn, her sister, around the house and shows her to one of the spare bedrooms because she was going to stay for a little bit. But, the room that she opens has Brooke and Julian making out. After the party she gets a call from the studio which she found weird since she wasn’t there. When she goes and meets Miranda Stone, played by India de Beaufort, who Hayley believed had come to run the studio but found out that Miranda came to shut it down.

Nathan only had a handful of lines in the premiere. We see him on the court practicing and in the commercial that he was unhappy about being in. During the party a woman comes up to him asking for a picture with him. She then says to him ‘You don’t remember me, do you?’ but Nathan doesn’t get to respond because Jamie comes up after Jerry Rice signs his jersey and the woman disappears. After the party he finds Jamie in his room who asks Nathan about his 7th birthday and Nathans says that he didn’t have a good one because of Dan. Jamie asks if he forgave him and he says he isn’t really sure if he did. Jamie tells him that he thinks he can.  At the end of the episode Nathan goes to meet Clay who shows him the picture on his phone that Nathan had taken with the woman and informs him that she is claiming that the two had slept together and she was going to go public. Because that was done at the end of the episode we don’t get to know his reaction to the news other than shock.

Millie got to have a flashback to the Season 5 premiere to when she was walking behind Brooke and feverishly taking notes while Brooke talked. This time though she was in Brooke’s position with an assistant following her. Her moment came when the assistant said ‘Victoria isn’t going to like that.’ And she responds ‘Too bad she works for me.’ Of course, Millie being Millie backtracks and says ‘don’t tell her I said that’.

Mouth is trying to get Skillz to move out because he wants to take things further with Millie. He does this by walking around the apartment naked. Skillz responds to that in two ways. First telling him that it isn’t going to work, he doesn’t have to money to move out since he is trying to get his business started. Second, he comes out naked to make Mouth uncomfortable. While the two are still unclothed Mouth explains that he wants to take things further with Millie but that he does love him. Millie walks in from getting back from New York to see them both naked and telling each other that they love the other. She doesn’t really know what to say other than she guesses the saying is true as she turns around and walks back out.

Brooke spent most of the episode on the beach with Julian who right now are still together. In the beginning of the episode Brooke and Julian are on the beach talking about how they can finally be together once he’s done with his project so he can come back to Tree Hill. Julian asks Brooke why she has to stay in Tree Hill since Peyton is no longer there, she says that it is home before they get out of the limo for a red carpet event. Later back on the beach Julian tells Brooke he has been offered another job to produce a movie in New Zealand that would be for eight months. He says it doesn’t have to take it but she tells him to take it and then it pans down to the sand where it says ‘Marry Me’. When it shows Brooke at Jamie’s party is without Julian but he later shows up to surprise her and Jamie. After the party Brooke and Julian are at the waterfront talking about how things were in the beginning; talking every night, her heart racing with each text and each phone call. Julian assures her that it is still like that for him. They then go skinny dipping. Julian tells Brooke that he isn’t going to produce the movie because he thinks it wasn’t an important movie and because he didn’t want to leave her. Brooke tells Julian that she is afraid that things will change and Julian tells her that he won’t let it. 

The last of the new characters is Quinn, Hayley’s sister, played by Shantel VanSanten. We find that she is a photographer. You know something is up when Hayley asks her how long she is staying and she hesitantly says a few days. Later she admits to Hayley that she left her husband because he wasn’t the man that she married and she didn’t commit to being with a stranger.

We only got to see Dan at the beginning and at the end of the episode, which was fine with me, who did the opening and closing voice over that usually in seasons past had been done by Lucas. He is talking about how time had past and that his time should have been up about fourteen months ago. He talks about forgiveness and how we can fool ourselves in order to ease our own pain. At the end of the episode it pans out from him so you can see that he has his own show called Redemption.

It will be interesting to see how the season goes because I think a lot of fans are split after the loose of Lucas and Peyton. Some are happy that the show is back while others think that it should have ended last season. In my opinion the show has had better premieres than this one was but I know with new characters they had to show them and introduce their storylines. But because I have been a fan of the show from day one and even though it was my two favorite characters that are now gone I will continue to watch to see what Mark does with the new season and new characters.



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