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Dan - Never believe that you can deceive.  You might think that you can get away with it.  You might actually get away with it, for a while.  But, your life is made up of choices and decisions, poor choices, poor life, bad decisions, bad life.    Wickedness, as you know I’ve there and I’m not alone my wife was too.  She was deceptive and manipulative.  She abused drink and drugs.  She was promiscuous.  But today she stands beside me a changed woman, a caring woman, a better woman.

I couldn’t believe it when Dan finished this and of all people Rachel comes out.  Remember Rachel is the same age as Nathan, Brooke, Hayley and all them.  It is crazy that they are married and you can tell that Rachel has got to have a hidden agenda.  Dan looks like he has changed (although he has done that before and it was a lie) and I can’t tell if it is for the best or not.

Rachel looks like she may have a hidden agenda.  She only said I Love you to Dan when they were on his show.  Dan went to talk to a homeless person and she took a picture of it and she spread it around on the internet.  Dan gives the homeless man his book and tells him that he could go down the street and sell it at the used bookstore and buy a bottle to feel good for a little while or he could read the book.  Later Dan goes back to see him and he brings some food to talk to him and the man says he read the book but then he sold it.

Hayley tries to come up with a way to save Red Bedrooms label.  She tries to tell Melinda that if they shut it down that they won’t get any music out of her.  Melinda counters that since they have a contract then if she doesn’t play for them then she won’t record ever.  Hayley’s backup walks in then and Mia says that her contract is with Red Bedroom records so if it gets shut down then she won’t record anymore.  This threat works and Melinda comes back saying it will stay open.

Clay meets with Renee (the one that says something happened between her and Nathan) and she has an envelope that she says holds proof of what happened.  Come to find out it is a sonogram and Renee is three months pregnant and she says that it is Nathan’s.  Nathan says it can’t be true but then they remember an away game win that everyone got really drunk afterward.  Nathan starts to think it could be a possibility.

Julian’s dad shows up to talk him out of not taking the movie job.  He tries to tell him that Brooke is just having a fling and that their relationship isn’t going to lead to marriage so what was the point.  Julian gets him to leave.  Brooke later gets him to come back after hearing Julian’s story of the one day when he was little that his father spent with him.  Brooke tells Julian’s dad that she would do what Julian did with her mom in telling him that he either gets it right or get out of their lives but she doesn’t think it would do any good.  So she tells him that Julian told her about the one perfect day and that they had better start having more.  Later Julian’s dad tells him that he doesn’t remember the day and that’s he’s sorry he doesn’t remember it and that they haven’t had more days like it.

We also meet the final newest cast member, Alexis (played by Jana Kramer).  Alexis is a model and an actress that comes in to be the new face of Clothes over Bros.  Millie and Brooke find out that she is nothing how she portrays herself in public and in magazines.  She is rude and mean and doesn’t seem very smart.  But she comes out in one of Brooke’s dresses and gives a speech that we find out at the end of the episode is from a movie she was in.  From this Brooke decides to go ahead and let her stay on as the new model.

It got a little more interesting this time but I hope that the show picks up some more steam as the season goes on.  It has officially been picked up for a full season but it is too early to tell if there will be an eighth season. 

Be sure to check out my other recaps for the other shows I watch.  So far I have Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, and One Tree Hill.  But some more are soon to start again so they will be here too.